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Mission News

MADAGASCAR: During last summer's regional conferences there were great outpourings of the Holy Ghost with over 900 filled with the Spirit.—Chris and Paula Richardson, Madagascar

James & Elizabeth Corbin KOLKATA (INDIA): Bro Daniel Darlong reported having baptized 29 in Jesus’ name and 29 received the Holy Ghost over the period February through June, 2008.

Guatemala-Brad and Regina Thompson During a local church crusade with Bro Craft preaching, we had an attendance of around 700 people. In the 2 services there were over 170 first time visitors, 45 Holy Ghost filled, 31 baptized and over 100 in the altar.

Gary and Linda Reed (Middle East): The National Conference of the UPCI of Jordan was this last weekend. We thank God for the ministry of Bro. Paul Mooney and Bro. Mokhles Sedra, who inspired us to grow in the Lord. Six people were filled and four were baptized. We praise God for these new souls. (see the 1/2 page flyer Bro Everett makes)

Henry Ritchie-Windward Isl Thank you very much for your prayers without which I would not be a missionary. I’m starting to get better. This cancer is harder on me than the last one. Maybe it is just because I’m older now. On Oct 23rd I had my 42nd and last radiation treatment. The doctor told me that my energy should mostly be back by mid December. I’m looking forward to that. Yesterday was my best day in more than a month. But today is not like yesterday. (see quote)

Brad, Regina Thompson and Lynne Jewett (Guatemala): 
We praise God for the first Sub Regional Bible School Faculty Education Workshop. 102 Bible School teachers were present from Belize, Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras! Our theme was ‘Creating a Culture of Growth’. (ed: You Ought to be Teachers)

Philip Rhodes - Suriname: October 17-19 in Paramaribo. Guest speaker, Pastor Richard Lamont, national secretary of the UPC of Trinidad and Tobago. •Pastors and church members from all three churches. Leadership seminar with seventeen attendees. One new minister licensed. Twelve people filled with the Holy Ghost. Four people baptized. Thanks for praying!

Robert Frizzell (Asia): I just returned from Punjab, India. I was teaching in the day and preaching at night. Sixty-five people received the Holy Spirit baptism for the first time. All who previously received the Holy Spirit were renewed many times. Twenty-two trinity pastors accepted the oneness doctrine and some were filled with the Holy Spirit. 14 people were baptized. Twenty people gave a testimony of specific healing. Many claimed a miracle in their life.

Surinam - Phillip Rhodes September 21-Monthly service at the central prison. One of the young people who received the Holy Ghost at youth camp was also baptized. September 27 Prayer on the Square, a prayer meeting for souls in Paramaribo and for the upcoming national conference, was held near the presidential palace and national assembly building. September 28 Ricky received the Holy Ghost and was baptized in July. He introduced Urvin to the church, and rejoiced to see his friend baptized in Jesus’ name.

Karl and Mary Smith (South Africa): Over the weekend of 19-21 September we held our annual End Time revival in one of the local churches in Cape Town. Pastor Mark Parker of Ok ministered

The world map on the west wall of the Fellowship Hall in our church shows you our missionaries.  It is SO good to spend time praying for our missionaries each week.  Be encouraged to do so.

Henry Ritchie - Windward Islands Good news comes with bad news. Our son-in-law, Brian Cambell, graduated from U of Texas with a 3.9 GPA. Sis Ritchie has recovered from her operation and fall. BUT my dad passed away July 27 and now I have cancer. God restored me 12 yrs ago from my first bout and I am believing God for this time as well. Thanks for praying for me and the work still going on in the islands.

Linu Thankachan, pastor, Bangalore, India. The murder of a religious leader has sparked violent clashes between Hindus and Christians that have killed at least 11 people this week. More than a dozen churches and prayer halls have been torched, a woman was burnt to death, a pastor suffered critical injuries, a nun was raped, several Christians were attacked. Mobs armed with sticks and crude weapons have defied curfew restriction and indulged in arson against Christians.

Church-In-A-Day (CIAD) assists congregations in building new church buildings, all in a single day. With CIAD, a church receives the equivalent of a $100,000 to $250,000 donation, and most importantly, goes from an empty lot to a service-ready sanctuary. CIAD takes a pastor from a storefront to a church building the congregation can be proud of in just 24 hours. The completed church is equipped with a sound system, baptistery, pews, and landscaping, and it seats 125-150 people, putting a congregation years ahead. www.homemissionsdivision.com/ciad.asp

David Kline (Lesotho): At the General Conf of Lesotho Bro. & Sis. M. K. Sartin & group from New Orleans ministered. 54 people were filled with the Holy Ghost including 5 of our Lesotho Pastors’ kids 42 people filled just weeks prior, almost reaching our goal of 100.

Bro Muthus (Malaysia) We received an invitation to visit a 78 yr old Buddhist Taoist monk who wanted prayer who has been involved in customary religious acts of healing. He had a stroke and was paralyzed for a year. We visited and his family gathered around. I asked if He believed in Jesus, He said all his gods had left him and he cried out, “I want to give my life to Jesus.” As we lifted our hands and worshipped, the presence of God fell 5 times and within minutes he was walking around the room glorifying Jesus. We baptized him in the Name of Jesus as his whole family witnessed. Now he is turning those who come to him to Jesus.

Dan Davis (South Africa): A faithful member since the founding of the church told me of a great thing that happened last week. Her son, who occasionally attends our church, was working on a street light. He was on a ladder at the top of the pole and fell. He landed in a standing position and broke his ankle. He told the men at work, “Don’t take me to the hospital just take me to my mom and she will pray.” They did. She prayed and when his boss (another member of our church) came to check on him the next day he was up and ready for work - no pain and no broken bones!!!!!    God is awesome.

Stockholm: Project STHLM 08. Results10 baptized in Jesus' name, 10 filled with the Holy Ghost Attendance: Thursday 65, Friday concert 145, Saturday evening 145, Sunday 115 Hundreds stayed all thru the concert, thousands walked by. There was no power three hours before concert but two minutes before the power came on. And four tones before the end of our last song the power went out again! We had electricity when we had to have it!

Louis Louw (Namibia): New work in Namibia has three to baptize. The former prison chaplain that opposed the truth, has beFrench "The French annexed various Polynesian island groups during the 19th century. In September 1995, France stirred up widespread protests by resuming nuclear testing on the Mururoa atoll after a three-year moratorium. The tests were suspended in January 1996. In recent years, French Polynesia's autonomy has been considerably expanded. Religions: Protestant 54%, Roman Catholic 30%, other 10%, no religion 6%" (CIA Fact Book).

Louis Louw (Namibia): New work in Namibia has three to baptize. The former prison chaplain that opposed the truth, has been retrenched. We have been invited back to minister in the Namibian prison system. At last count there were thirty-eight prisoners asking to be baptized in Jesus’ name.

Brad Thompson (Guatemala):  Our Capital city crusade was a great success! Around 5000 people in attendance, 471 filled with the Holy Ghost and 44 baptized in Jesus Name! This was in the midst of bus strikes, heavy rains, flooding and landslides! Pray for 3 more crusades to be held in the interior of the country in the next few weeks.

Jim Crumpacker (Kenya):  Thank all of you who prayed for the crusade in Burundi. The altar workers from the local churches obtained 697 names of people who claimed to have received the Holy Ghost for the first time. Several were delivered of demonic spirits and we had quite a few testimonies of physical healings. The crusade also opened a door to teach leaders and pastors of other organizations on our next trip that we plan to follow up on.

Dan Davis: Johannesburg. Last week 60 people were attacked and houses were burnt in Alexandra Township. 2 were brutally murdered from Mozambique & Zimbabwe. Yesterday the violence erupted again all over the East Rand. 50 were injured and 5 killed (2 burned to death and 3 beaten to death) in Cleveland. There were riots, and the burning of homes in an area where many of our church members live – Thokoza

Aurelia Hopkins (Regional Prayer Coordinator, CAC): Revival in Cartago Costa Rica! During a revival in Cartago, 15 received the Holy Ghost in one night. Many divine healings occurred, with people coming in off the streets, and being delivered from evil spirits. To God be the glory!

 Albert Stewart / Liberia  From Fassama Mission we traveled 200 miles.  It took us 15 hours due to the deplorable road conditions.  In 60 miles in the rain forest we counted 54 bridges.  Most of them had to be repaired before crossing.  However, when we arrived in Baloma, the saints were very excited to see us.  The conference was great.  The attendance was about 700. Some had walked two full days to get to the conference.  We had 8 filled with the Holy Ghost and 12 baptized in Jesus Name.  Many testified of being healed and revived.